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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

At Sadid Mashin Aflak Group, we offer products that have a direct relationship with the environment, people’s health and businesses. For this reason, we believe that in order to play an effective role in supporting and preserving the principles and values ​​of the environment and health, we need to strive for and commit ourselves to taking steps towards social responsibility.

In this regard, we tried our best to use material that are more compatible with the environment, health and recycling procedure. We have also managed to manufacture standard structures in order to preserve the national capital and maintain the health of people who work with them.

Some of our measures regarding the health and hygiene are:

  • Periodic health tests of workers
  • Separation of wet and dry waste (using special and separate waste bins)
  • Suitable work clothes, work shoes, helmets, gloves, etc.

Furthermore, we try our best to minimize the material waste by optimum cutting of the sheet metals. We do this via state-of-the-art technology such as LASER cutting machinery and the high-tech engineering tools such as specialized software. This leads to the optimal use of the material in the production lines, quality prices and short lead times.

We conduct periodic tests of employees at the nearest health centers. Our packaging departments, based in our 3 workshops, use packing items that can be recycled.

Social responsibility is the duty of every person and every organization, and despite the efforts of Sadid Machine Aflak Group in this regard, there are definitely many other things that should be remembered and performed.

In order to help us improve more and more on the path towards sustainability, please feel free to share your comments and opinions with us. This helps us to take proper actions towards our goal which is nothing but a sustainable society in the future.

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