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Isfahan International Exhibition of Mining Industry – 2023

The international exhibition of mining, mineral industries, processing and mineral materials, mining machinery and road construction and related services and equipment was held in the international exhibition center of Isfahan province. This exhibition, which was held from Sunday 8 to Wednesday 11 January 2023, hosted more than 100 companies in the fields of mining, mining machinery and related industries. Sadid Mashin Aflak Co., which was located in Hall C of this exhibition, offered its goods and services to the visitors of the stand.

In this event, the officials of unions, guilds, organizations and associations related to the industries such as cement, mining, steel, etc. visited the exhibition and discussed with the exhibitors and in these discussions the issues and problems in the industry was raised and suggestions were made to solve them.




The analysis of the data obtained from the visitors of the Sadid Mashin Aflak stand yielded the following results:


One of the important points of this event is the maximum presence of representatives of cement and mining companies as visitors, which shows the importance of such exhibition events for these industry groups. Therefore, it is necessary to give more importance to the exhibitions held in this area.


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