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The 19th Iran International Metallurgical Exhibition

Trade fairs provide a valuable opportunity for industries to present their products and capabilities on a wide scale and communicate with the practitioners in the industry. The 19th International Metallurgical Exhibition (Iran Metafo 2022) will start on Nov. 30th, 2022 at Tehran International Exhibitions Center and will bring together activists and experts in a specialized and commercial environment. Last year the exhibition was widely welcomed by domestic and international activists and was approved by the global association of exhibition industry (UFI). Some 450 companies from 22 different countries attended the event and an area of 11,185 square meters of exhibition space was occupied by the exhibitors. In this exhibition, domestic and international industrial companies present their products, technical capabilities and innovations to the visitors and take advantage of the interaction with industry professionals and available opportunities.

The participating groups in this exhibition are:

  • Iron and steel (raw materials and minerals, crude steel and iron alloys, iron and steel factories, steel industry equipment and machinery, all kinds of steel products)
  • Casting, molding, forging, machining, drilling, plating, coating and welding
  • Non-ferrous metals (aluminum, copper, lead, zinc and all kinds of precious metals including gold, silver, platinum and titanium, exploration and extraction of non-ferrous metals, processing of metals and production of non-ferrous metal products)
  • Mining and mining industries (metallic and non-metallic minerals, coal, consulting and geotechnics, exploration, drilling, extraction, mining equipment, heavy machinery, construction, processing, mining contracting
  • Furnaces, refractories and industrial ceramics (industrial furnaces, ceramics, shaped and amorphous refractories, insulation and fiber materials, refractory parts and equipment)
  • Industry and mining projects (mining projects, steel and non-ferrous metal industries, power plant projects, road construction projects, research & development projects, project investment and financing, contracting services, insurance, consulting)

As in the previous years, Sadid Mashin Aflak Co. has been active in this exhibition and invites customers and colleagues to visit the company’s stand in hall 41B, no. F06. The warm presence of visitors to the stand of Sadid Machine Aflak will be a source of encouragement and pride for this company.

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